Our strengths

An industrial approach design to suit the needs of the individual client

Statistical approach

MBCredit Solutions has developed proprietary statistical models for the analytical assessment of the propensity to recover a portfolio under management. Based on these models, in-house teams design collection strategies optimized according to key analysis drivers - typically geography, underlying product, ageing of the loan and recovery propensity - to maximise results.

Complete range of services

MBCredit Solutions is the ideal partner for the end-to-end management of the entire life cycle of non-performing loans, able to offer all-round services for all types of products and all stages of collection(from early collection to out-of-court recovery).

Efficient processes

MBCredit Solutions can:

  • design end-to-end processes optimized according to the counterparties' needs
  • integrate into existing manament processes

A high degree of automation and complete transparency coupled with efficient operations are the cornerstones on which the MBCredit Solutions to operations is hinged, tailored to clients' needs in terms of compliance efficiency and effectiveness of collection actions.

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