Non-performing loan management



Our approach

MBCredit Solutions provides third party non-performing loan management services from early collection to the more advanced stages of the process. 

MBCredit Solutions uses advanced information and reporting systems that allow for an efficient management of the statistical and monitoring information as well as flexibility in seeking the best possibile solutions to fit with the client's needs. During all stages of loan management, proprietary statistical models are used that are kept constantly up-to-date so as to optimise collection.



The role of MBCredit Solutions

Depending on the client's needs, MBCredit Solutions may act as a partner in the management of problematic loans: 

  • taking a direct approach;
  • through the management of a multi-network platform.

In the first case, it operates directly and solely through its own credit valuation, management and collection structures and networks

In the second case, which is particularly suitable for large diversified portfolios, it manages a highly-complex multi-platform network. This option combines the design of ad hoc strategies and the use of rigorous statistical models, with the management - on behalf of the client - of a group of selected third-party servicers, integrated and coordinated to achieve the set performance targets. For each minimum management unit, identified by geography, product, ageing of the proceedings and recovery propensity score, the multi-network management ensures competition among different servicers. Performance monitoring means that the most effective operators can be selected, maximising the recovery potential of the portfolio under management.

A direct partner in the management of loans or manager of a multi-network platform

Our experience

MBCredit Solutions has ten years of experience in the management of non-performing loans and operates nationwide through a vast and widespread network of professionals diversified by type of action (telephone, through tax authority or by legal action) and is specialized in the different types of asset/product under management. 

MBCredit Solutions manages non-performing loans arising from various business sectors: 

Trade receivables
Other services
Portfolio acquisition analysis and direct investments
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