MBCredit Solutions executes two-year agreement to buy NPLs from Deutsche Bank S.p.A.

MBCredit Solutions
MBCredit Solutions has signed an agreement with Deutsche Bank S.p.A. to acquire retail unsecured NPLs up to an aggregate nominal value of approx. €270m.
19 December 2019

The agreement between the two parties shall have a two-year duration starting on 1 January 2020, under the terms of which acquisitions will be made quarterly of portfolios consisting of non-performing loans in the consumer credit, credit card and salary-backed finance segments taken out by Deutsche Bank S.p.A. customers. With this acquisition, MBCredit Solutions has confirmed its role as a leading player in the Italian market for acquisitions of retail unsecured NPLs, further strengthened the experience it has acquired in forward flow deals, and consolidated its relationship with Deutsche Bank S.p.A. having previously acquired a portfolio of NPLs from it in March 2019. With this transaction, MBCredit Solutions’ proprietary portfolio increases to a nominal value of approx. €5.6bn.