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MBCredit Solutions provides non-performing loan management services

MBCredit Solutions is a Mediobanca Group company. Established on the strength of the multiple years of experience of Creditech, it boasts in-depth knowledge of how to protect, manage and collect loans, both in and out of court.

MBCredit Solutions has solid experience in the management of NPEs and NPLs (non-performing loans),  even with long seasoning (8 -10 years on average since the first non-payment). Elaborate, complex medium/long-term strategies may be required to handle and collect on these loans,using telephone, tax authorities and legal action.

MBCredit Solutions also operates by investing directly in the acquisition of non-performing loans.

MBCredit Solutions values

Credibility:  guaranteeing our clients consistent, sustainable performance over time

Transparency providing our clients with full visibility of our results and methodologies

Expertise: knowing which collection solutions will be most effective 

Attention to performance: ensuring constant process monitoring through the dynamic selection of the best performing structures 

Key figures

6,5 B

Asset under management

5,0 B

NPL direct investments

2,2 B

GBV concluded acquisitions in 2017

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